2000 Porsche Boxster SPORT

PRICE REDUCED! The Boxster is in as new condition and is the best example of a 2000 Boxster that I have seen. It is finished with glossy black paint with no door dings or scratches. Even the front lower bumper is in excellent condition. The black all leather interior is in perfect condition with absolutely no signs of wear. This Sport Package car comes with upgraded 17 wheels equipped with brand spanking new tires. The car shows perfectly with no cosmetic or mechanical imperfections. It is loaded to with options including: Lightronic(Xenon) headlights, 17 wheels, 5 speed, glass wind screen, dual power seats, factory cd changer in boot, factory amp in boot, cd player in head unit, front and rear fog lights, climate control, cd holders, dual power mirrors, factory logo floor mats, spare (never down). I run Mobile 1 in the car. I have a complete set of maintenance records as well as all the original books. The Boxster comes with extra keys (with remote alarm activators). I can also be reached at 317-590-3545 for questions.

Vehicle Details

Year: 2000
Make: Porsche
Color: Black
Mileage: 23000 miles

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