2016 Supreme S238


Like new Supreme S238 in outstanding condition with great hours! ! There is not a scratch or chip on the gel coat anywhere! 

The 2016 Supreme S238 is a 23-foot 8-inch wake surfing towboat of World Class performance providing an extreme value. S238 performance begins with the wave-making Deep-v Hull, complimented by QuickFill Ballast, Plug and Play Ballast and the available QuickSurf System all pushed by a Crusader EX3 Engine from PCM. The S5 Tower by Skylon adds another level of cool to the S238 along with simple but functional overlock fold mechanism. 

The Deep-v Hull is the foundation of the S238’s wake performance. This hull design creates a better rough water ride by cutting through the chop with its acutely angled keel. With the perfect placement of the large SmoothTrack Tracking Fin, the S238 stays straight even with a progressively cutting rider in tow. The 52 square inches of fin surface area also act as an amazing pivot point under the S238, significantly improving slow and high speed handling as well as navigating in reverse. Powered by the forceful Crusader EX3 Engine from PCM, the S238 is optimized by a 1.72 X 1 gear reduction and specific propping for instantaneous take-offs. 

As far as styling goes, you will be proud to be seen in this Supreme. The modified V-bow is wide, deep and welcoming yet follows a traditional style. Supreme’s Skylon S5 Tower adds to the style of the S238 with its forward sweeping lines. The body lines along the sides of the boat are stylishly subtle.

The style spills into the interior starting with the textured Spradling vinyl with orange accents throughout, followed by the Supreme-branded shark-textured gator step around the bow and continuing along the gunwales aft to the swim platform. 

This boat also packs a monster Wetsounds audio system with 6 in-boat speakers, 4 ICON-8 tower speakers and a 10" HT-AS10 Subwoofer.

Trades are welcome.

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Vehicle Details

Year: 2016
Make: Competition Tow Boats
Model: Supreme S238
Color: Orange/Black
Mileage: 166 miles

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