2003 Mercedes Benz E320

This well-optioned black with stone leather E320 is in absolutely new condition. No rock chips, no scratches, no dings, no paintwork...just as new with low, low miles (11,451 mi). This is a one-owner pristine example. Options include glass sunroof, premium sound, cd changer, and heated seats. The books are complete and in tact. The floor mats are as new. The car is under factory warranty up to 50,000 miles. All Mercedes Benz maintenance (service) during the warranty period is also included and free. 24-hour roadside assistance is included as well. THIS CAR IS AS-NEW!! Call Drew at 317-590-3545. Trades ok.

Vehicle Details

Year: 2003
Make: Mercedes Benz
Color: Black
Mileage: 11450 miles

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