Our Approach

We Are different


We are very different from a traditional car dealership.  While we do inventory a number of hand-picked automobiles, our primary focus is vehicle sourcing and ownership consultation.  Our process starts by spending a good amount of time listening to what our clients want.  We then go over options, details and ownership strategy.  After this collaboration we purchase the target vehicle on the wholesale market.


We are serious about buying exceptionally nice vehicles.  We believe buying the best not only provides a better driving experience, it also pays dividends relative to the cost of ownership and residual value.  When we created this business in 1998 we did so to provide a better alternative to traditional car buying.  Our approach is client centered, not transaction centered.    


We take more of an advocate role and consultative approach to car buying. We do inventory a number of exceptional automobiles, but the majority of our sales start and end with the exact vehicle our customer wants. By spending time with our clients up front we gain a better understanding of their vision and needs. Then we work hard to fill this need….and we do it at a great value. 



The majority of our business comes from repeat customers. Most of these customers buy from us according to programs which are tailored to their situation and goals. For instance, many of our customer’s turn over a vehicle every 30 months. This allows them to enjoy variety since they are consistently turning. It also keeps them driving vehicles that are under factory warranty longer.  This translates to lower repair and maintenance costs and maximizes their car buying dollar by reducing depreciation.

Another major benefit of our programs is great trade pricing. We actually think about trade values well in advance of trade time. We think about trade pricing the day we buy the car originally. We evaluate and project depreciation and recommend cars that hold their value the best during a specific period of time.

Not only is our program-based pricing extremely competitive, the trade portion of the program is also a tax-advantaged transaction in many states. We believe this program based buying yields fun variety and great value for our clients.


We provide a great product and experience for customers, but that’s not enough. We are determined to be competitive on price. One of the ways we accomplish this is by keeping our overhead low. Our staff and facility are small. We pay cash for our cars so expensive floor plan financing is not required. And we keep our inventory low and rotating.  


We believe car buying should be fun, educational and exciting. We are car-enthusiasts at heart so we all love what we do. Our process will be stress free and an enjoyable buying experience.  And we will always be clear, honest and direct in everything we do.